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The benefits of training in the sand is no secret amongst serious athletes of all sports who require strength, endurance and explosiveness.  It is also an efficient way to maximize the benefits of your time for those looking to stay in shape. In addition to being a challenging surface the sand is soft, which means it is easier on your joints. Come and join us in the Sand!

Fitness Programs

VBVB Best Life Boot Camp - Tuesday/Thursday 630pm $150 per month


  • SandFIT is a full body sand-based workout that creates increased cardiovascular performance while improving muscle coordination and strength.
  • This program is for ANYONE who wants to exercise in a new and fun environment, while also increasing cardio and strength

  • SandFIT is a great opportunity to improve your health and physical fitness, while also trying new and fun exercises with sandbells, sandbags, warrior bands, battle ropes, and more!

  • Classes are open to all adults (18+) and intensity will be moderate to extreme, based on your current fitness level!

TwitchFIT   Mon-Thurs. 8:45a.m.-10a.m. AND 4:15-5:30 p.m.

  • TwitchFIT stands for Twitch Fiber Intensive Training and is a training program focused on maximizing vertical jump, agility, and speed. We do this through creating total body awareness and proper form, while utilizing techniques proven to target both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers.
  • Targeting both types of TMF (Twitch Muscle Fibers) is often overlooked, as most training programs focus on the fast twitch muscle fibers exclusively. This can often lead to increased results in testing, while not seeing much improvement in the actual competition. We help you strengthen your Slow Twitch Fibers to increase your total strength and endurance. This allows you to continuously apply your Fast Twitch Training throughout the entire competition, and not only in focused burst. Ultimately, we are able to help you achieve Increased Max Power Output, while extending the duration that Max Output can be applied.

  • If you are an athlete of any type, and you are serious about improving your performance, then this program is for you.

Sand Yoga

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Juniors Online Training

Get Skill Training to Improve Your Game 24/7

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Beach Camps

Exciting camp opportunities presented by Vero Beach Volleyball and C to C beach volleyball training as well as Florida State University.  

Florida Atlantic University as well as current touring Olympians.  These camps will be presented in different formats

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Sand Fitness

The benefits of training sand is no secret among serious athletes of all sports that require strength, endurance and explosiveness.


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